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3/22/2018 4:30:47 AM

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A postcard image of the stone barn castle from around 1946

Stone Barn Castle

Located in the upstate New York, hidden from the road, stands one of the architectural marvels from the early 1900s. It’s been known by many names and had many purposes throughout the years, but today its most commonly referred to as the Stone Barn Castle. As a youth, growing up next door to this structure, it was a place of fantasy and inspiration. For over a century it’s been the muse of artists and authors alike. I'm currently compiling the story of how one man’s gift for design has endured, inspired and evolved to become a legendary landmark of rural America.

If you have personal recollections or photographs of the barn through the years and would like to participate in this story, please contact me by going to the contact page in the menu.

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